Travelling to WonderVille

Travelling to WonderVille 2016 couldn’t be easier! However to make it even easier for you we have put together the best options available.

Jubilee Farm, Rhodes Minnis, Canterbury, CT4 6YA

WonderBus Shuttle Service
For ease and to ensure all villagers have the best time possible we have laid on our very own shuttle bus service departing from Canterbury. The buses will pick up from Canterbury West and East station at either 12, or 2 pm and drive you straight to the festival gates. At the end of the night buses will run at 11:00 pm and 1:30 am ferrying everyone back to the respective stations. Shuttle bus tickets are just £3 and give you the peace of mind that you are going home safe and sound! What’s not to like about that! We advise anyone travelling by train to use this service!

By Car
If you have a SAT NAV just pop in the address above and follow the instructions until you begin to see signs on the road for WonderVille festival.

However if you don’t have a sat nav follow these links to different travel instructions depending on where you are coming from.

If you are travelling from Canterbury follow this link.

 If you are travelling from Folkestone follow this link.

If you are travelling from Thanet follow this link.

If you are travelling from London follow this link.

If these links are still not helping you need to be on Stone Street which is situated between Canterbury and Hythe. Once on this road keep an eye out for a blue and yellow petrol station called the “JET Garage” taking the turning immediately by that then follow signs to WonderVille.

Also why not car share it’s a great way of saving on travelling costs and saving the environment too!

By Bus
To use the Stagecoach Bus service You must either travel from Canterbury or Hythe bus stations. If you are in hythe just jump on the Canterbury bus and jump off at the blue and yellow “JET garage”then walk and follow signs to wonderville. If you are travelling from Canterbury, jump on the Hythe bus and get off at the “JET Garage” and again follow signs to WonderVille.  It is approximately 1.3mile or 25 minute walk to the festival from the six mile garage.

By foot
See you at WonderVille 2017! Don’t do it, Use our shuttle bus service!

If you need help with any other travel options don’t hesitate to get in touch with our travel team at

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